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My two best friends

A different meeting: One day two small animals were literally left at our house. A rabbit and a guinea pig. They were left with a 1m2 cage, several packs of hay and pellets. They looked, and beha...

Same island, new project: VLACHIA is the place

November 29th - January 27th We have moved on. The olive picking season finished earlier and we got on our bikes from Rovies (our olive picking boss had been so kind to help us pick them up by car...

Work project 2: Olive picking Story

As you have seen in the video, we have been in Rovies picking olives. After we had to leave the last place because of lack of sleeping space (we did not want to stay in the tent now over winter) we...

Work project 2: Olive picking


Project donkey shed

It's one week now since we arrived in Evia. We arrived on a friday in the pouring rain, which soaked us for 2 days coming into Glyfa (the ferry port) and hammering on us all the 56 Km (with a fair ...
Cily and Xavier


In 2014, after about 10 years of teaching yoga in Bergen Norway, we decided to leave the city and go and find work in agriculture. We chose to travel by bicycle to reduce our enviromental impact and with no set destination we headed southwards out of Norway . We bought no special equipment and used what we had and found to travel and work. Inspired by the stories of great Norwegian explorers, we decided to travel entirely by human power, we prepare all our food and we camp wild carrying everything we need with us. This is the story of our adventures.

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The Non Ambition Tour 2014:

We decided to cross Europe on our bikes, without a concrete plan - just go.3300km later we keep on rolling.This is the diary from our trip from Bergen, Norway to Perpignan, France

The Wedding Trip 2015:

No, it's not our crazy healthy honeymoon we are writing about! Cily's sister is getting married July 11th, so we head for Norway to attend the wedding outside Bergen. This time the trip is described with a different focus; we would like to share our food, our slow travel and yoga with you. 1500km

Follow the Path 2015/16:

Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece. Greece, Greece, Greece. About 2600 km.What now?

Yes, we are going towards France again; Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, France. Another 4500km

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