Hitchhiking/off track

Bergen to Split

It's close to a month since we left the sun in Croatia to head up to Bergen for the teacher trainig course and to celebrate family stuff. And we are sure missing the sun, the sea and the good feeli...

It's a small world

We are going to a small village of 15000 inhabitants in the middle of Germany for a birthday party. We have never heard about this place and it was quite difficult hitchhiking there..haha, but noth...

Really? Berlin??!

What to do when you have some spare time before your next deadline? That's the luxury problem we had. After 3 nights in Mnchen we got on the Autobahn entrance going north and half heartedly aimed ...

Mnchen to .......?

Yes, we spent three days in Mnchen. We borrowed some bikes from our host to move around and first stop was the BMW Welt; fancy cars and engines, so well-made, free and full of helpful people that ...

Where are we??

Okay, this will be interesting. The camera drowned last week as we were making underwater photos (yeeees it is a water proof camera, yeees it's supposed to survive and yees we have done it before.)...
Cily and Xavier


In 2014, after about 10 years of teaching yoga in Bergen Norway, we decided to leave the city and go and find work in agriculture. We chose to travel by bicycle to reduce our enviromental impact and with no set destination we headed southwards out of Norway . We bought no special equipment and used what we had and found to travel and work. Inspired by the stories of great Norwegian explorers, we decided to travel entirely by human power, we prepare all our food and we camp wild carrying everything we need with us. This is the story of our adventures.

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The Non Ambition Tour 2014:

We decided to cross Europe on our bikes, without a concrete plan - just go.3300km later we keep on rolling.This is the diary from our trip from Bergen, Norway to Perpignan, France

The Wedding Trip 2015:

No, it's not our crazy healthy honeymoon we are writing about! Cily's sister is getting married July 11th, so we head for Norway to attend the wedding outside Bergen. This time the trip is described with a different focus; we would like to share our food, our slow travel and yoga with you. 1500km

Follow the Path 2015/16:

Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece. Greece, Greece, Greece. About 2600 km.What now?

Yes, we are going towards France again; Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, France. Another 4500km

What we have done so far:


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