My two best friends

A different meeting:

One day two small animals were literally left at our house.

A rabbit and a guinea pig. They were left with a 1m2 cage, several packs of hay and pellets. They looked, and behaved, very afraid and crawled together as if to protect themselves from all evil. It was painful to see them like this.

This was my first encounter ever with a rabbit and a guinea pig- so totally different from all other animals I have been so lucky to get to know, so small, so dependent..or? I got curious and started to google for more information. I couldn't believe that these animals were meant to be locked up in a cage forever without being able to run freely, eat wildly, feel the scent of the nature. It just sounds too miserable. And true enough, they  looked and behaved miserable. My research paid off, all signs were there; the rabbit was depressed. All experts signs ticked off.

Living in a place we do (or did, see post...) is not a place you can make decisions by yourself only, you have to feel around. But I realized quickly these animals would be locked up forever if I didn't push my agenda of getting them back to life.

So I fixed the old hen house net and daily moved them outside in the sun. The first day Mr Rabbit rewarded me with a little bunny jump and a curious walk around inside the fenced area exploring. Gini was in shock and so afraid she forced herself up the side of her basket and froze still to pretend she was dead or not there. Terrible to watch especially since I meant no harm!

This went on for a week or two. In the beginning we carried them back and forth in their arrival basket, but slowly we dared taking them in our arms to make them get used to more human contact. They felt desperate; trying to fight their way out of our hands, and couldn't get quickly enough away from us when we put them down in their garden.

It still didn't feel right. Mr Rabbit did never again show the happiness he did the first day, as soon as we put him down in the garden he would chose the same place to hide and just stay there all day. And Gini was desperately running away as soon as she saw us coming, hiding, and in general letting us know she was not wanting us there.

As it got colder we took them inside. First since it was a community, we brought them into the kitchen to let them stay there. Every time they seemed depressed but we had no reason to move them. It got colder. No fire, no heating. And they were locked away in a cage. In the morning I would find them so close together to soak up the other ones heat. So I took them to our room where we had the fire place running every day. I let Mr Rabbit run freely and built a ramp for Gini so they could explore the world (room) whenever they wanted and needed. and they did. Smart animals. At night when it got too cold they would be coming into bed with us and sleep under the duvet.

Times change and Mr Rabbit got unhappy. He was awake at night looking for life. Meditating on the moon which was shining into our room and creating a magical atmosphere. He started to hump Gini, which she did not approve of. Hm. I started to google again. What is this story between rabbits and guinea pigs? are they perfect to keep together? Answer is NO. So check it out yourself.


We left some time later, with Gini and Mr Rabbit. Gini came to a good family and Mr Rabbit was released into a rabbit colony - I guess he has a lot of children now :D


I wish I had more photos to share with you but I don't. The funny and loving experience just has to stay within my heart.







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