Summer is still around

The day before my birthday. It's a bit cold, and overcast. We pass one of our favourite grocery shops and decide to do the birthday shopping today in case we are out in the bush tomorrow. Good idea, we go wild. Oooh happy days:D

As soon as we leave the shop to go for a super interesting picnic it starts raining! Isn't that just typical?? There is nowhere to hide but we managed to sort of hang our tent cover from a branch in someone's remote drive way, crawl up under the tree, and get, well, all wet as we try to eat some breakfast.

And the rain continues.. I think I honestly must say that in all these months cycling from Greece, this is the worst day. It is absolutely MISERABLE to be cold and wet, and cycle the whole day on top of it!

We have cycled this route before, and we know it can be quite enjoyable since there are mostly cycle paths. But it climaxes outside Narbonne, Xavier is leading the way, and we get on a more and more muddy bike path. Suddenly my bike gets stuck, I mean, really, I can't move at all (I have been pushing the bike for some time because it was too muddy to ride) and Xavier doesn't hear I am calling for help, the rain is too loud. I am soaked, tired, angry, frustrated, desperate. What to do? I can't lean the bike anywhere to clean the tires (it seemed to be the reason I'm stuck) and the bike is too heavy to do some sort of fancy 'hold with one hand and clean with the other - it would just fall over..) A German couple in shorts and Tshirts approach me with their bikes as well, being surprised by the rain, they stop to ask how it's going but do not offer any help, even after I say I am stuck..hmmmm) With a 'good luck' and a hand wave they leave me.

But wait a minute! I am behaving like a Damsel in Distress??! No way! I quickly got my act together, putting anger, frustration and breath together - lifted the bike and CARRIED it out of the worst mud. Good for me. Xavier shortly came back on foot to look for me and we could continue. Turned out it was the wrong path so we had all this fun for nothing. (irony..!)

Our camera is still broken so I do what I can with a bad mobile camera. I think I remember these are flamingos..or?

On the right path again, following the canal southwards.Finally stopped raining!

Such  magical light. The sunset outside a nudist colony/town. We found a laundromat to dry all our stuff and hung around waiting for everything to close so we could hide our camp behind the building.

Finally; we arrive Canet Beach outside Perpignan. Insane! We have been cycling from Greece to Perpignan that we left 17 months earlier! 

A happy man talking to us. French people can talk a lot. A lot I say.

My birthday,(oct 7th) we have reached Canet Plague making a gloat stop before continuing to Argeles sur Mer for the night. We have now done 15000km in total.

Arriving Argeles we bumped into this sign, this is the trip we have already done, twice, maybe again next year?

Arriving the Pyrenees and the place we will be spending the winter. Of course we managed to scoop out the free hot spring baths in Amelie-les-bains. 


ps. This trip ends here for now, I am a bit late with telling the story so there has been a lot happening since we arrived here October 2016. More to follow.

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