Camargue..the sump

It's very pleasant to be in this area. People are on holiday, relaxed, the sun is bright and we spend time on the beach every day. It's a few more days left of September and we feel we are getting closer to our destination too fast. Being on the road for this long is challenging some times, but most of the time only nice. It's only those days you miss a shower, but as soon as you feel better you just wanna go back out there again!

We have passed Toulon and make a stop on the beach in Sanary-sur-mer (everything here is called something-sur_Mer!) I (Cily) feel a bit 'off' because the roads are not as fun as before, going a bit up and down and I don't feel like climbing..;)I feel my clothes are smelly and icky and, well,  I have nothing else to change in to.

Resting on the beach, a woman approached me. And we started talking. And talking. A very sweet German tourist, traveling with her husband and two small children.

Me talking to Jennie from Hamburg.

The sky looked dangerously dark and Jennie was so nice, she invited us to come and stay with them 'forever'. She is keenly into yoga and wanted to learn more about us and our lives. Her husband Alex agreed and we got their address so we could cycle there as they were in a car.

This way or that way or where do we go?

We had such a nice time with them, both medical doctors and happy to be relaxing in south coast of France in a rented flat. For 4 weeks. We played with the children, talked, ate, talked some more and the charming little son was happy I could communicate with him in German. And we got to wash our clothes!! I had to borrow something from Jennie since all my clothes were busy and I felt like a new (clean!) sophisticated woman. (never bad!)

The morning after we strolled to town and relaxed on the beach together. And they wanted us to stay another night which just sounded too wonderful to turn down. But then , moving on..

Now there's just luxury after luxury. We aimed for Xavier's family further up the coast, more precisely a beach town called Sausset-les-Pins (no sur-mer!) just outside Marseille. That means 'just outside' by car. Not by bike. That took us some time, are you getting used to that what seems like a flash in a car actually takes us part of a day or two? ANYwho, this is why we do it..slow travel is educational, interesting and including. The ride from Jennie and Alex' place was hilly, not too much, but we felt it. And Marseille is HUGE! I have a friend there but I just felt like, OMG, I can't even think about trying to maneuver around Marseille in one day, on the bike. Crazy traffic, but luckily we could follow the water line, and the beautiful beaches with cycle paths on the side. We started to panic a little bit on the outside of Marseille (after passing) because it was quickly getting dark and there was no sign of a good camping spot. In the end we actually found a REAL boat cemetery and took our time to cook diner and get cozy before going to sleep. Next morning it turned out to be a factory with a lot of workers coming to work so they all looked surprised and confused as we rolled our bikes out the main gate..hehe.

We surprised Jean -Paul and Michelle by suddenly showing up at their door step: - hello..? Remember us??

Michelle trying to find a neighbour to make the photos..early morning before we were leaving again..

Two nights with family. Sooo good. Thank you guys!!

So next step; entering the CAMARGUE..

So what is the Camargue?

Wiki says:

With an area of over 930 km2 (360 sq mi), the Camargue is western Europe's largest river delta. It is a vast plain comprising large brine lagoons or tangs, cut off from the sea by sandbars and encircled by reed-covered marshes. These are in turn surrounded by a large cultivated area. The Camargue  is a natural region located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhne River delta. The eastern arm is called the Grand Rhne; the western one is the Petit Rhne

Approximately a third of the Camargue is either lakes or marshland. The central area around the shoreline of the tang de Vaccars has been protected as a regional park since 1927, in recognition of its great importance as a haven for wild birds. In 2008, it was incorporated into the larger Parc naturel rgional de Camargue.

It basically means MOSQUITOS, do not stay too long!

I am actually very happy, I love boats, ferries, water. Here we are crossing the Grande Rhone..

Xavier was in heaven! The Camargue horses are wild and generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world.

Look! A horse!

Soo, we are entering the Camargue with the aim to get through within the day..aaaand, Bob gets a flat tire.The same day we are talking about how long he's been lasting with the same tube. How about that.

Not only ones, but twice. No, THREE times. Within 1 hour.



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