Parlez vouz French?

We sure were arriving in France: the traffic increased, the prices too !

I took this one thinking of my sister  who has a flat just near(or maybe in ) Shoreditch, East London. Its apparently a pretty trendy place.

Cily coming out at the other end of this tunnel.

The roads are good so we are suddenly very close to Monaco, and we wish to find a place to camp before entering. (too late to visit AND get out before dark!) A friend had told us that this is probably the most difficult place to camp, like ever, the police will just hunt you down and ask you to leave. Late evening, totally dark, we found a spot in a local residential area..large houses, big fences, closed gates..you get the idea? And a tiny piece of lawn on the side of the street next to a war momentum. We had no choice, we popped up the tent and hid (?) behind a bench there. Every time a car passed by they would light up the park and, if aware, see us. Exciting. At about 1.15am we woke up to the strangest sound - I jumped up wondering what is was - and Xavier all chill: 'it's an automatic lawn hose sprinkler.' 'Oh, well, don't you think it will continue on this side?' 'Nah, just go back to sleep'.

Yeah, right. 15 minutes later we got wet after the water system started watering 'our' side, trying desperately to move everything before it was soaked. Welcome to Monaco -

This is the only sign that we have actually crossed Monaco, and yes its everything you'd expect and more,

Yacht clubs, Lamborghini repair shops and you are not allowed to stop your bike for a long time in the city centre for fear of being "moved along"

by the police, or so we were told.

We had  some really inspiring and pleasant meetings. This man was 93 and had a daughter who was a yoga teacher.

He bought us this map of France and told us of his adventures cycling around France when he was younger.

He had been married 73 years (!) and still cycled regularly with his wife to Cannes, about 55Km one way.

I asked him for his health secret and he answered " I never drank and never smoked. I was in the army during the (2nd world) war

and traded in my cigarette ration for puddings with other soldiers.". We definitely will follow that advice, thank you !

Tired of being a "eat as much as you can" buffet for mosquitos, we burnt all the bits of mosquito coil at the same time

using this chip frying basket found on the beach!

This was our camping spot near Antibes and on the left in the photo is a family of Russians who came to pretend fishing (for their small children)

in the sea that evening. 

Xavier woke up in the middle of the night wondering why I was making chewing noises in his ear..(?!?) In the morning we found a small hole in the tent, Mr Rat had visited. And he made a hole in Bob as well..yikes.

Cily posing on the "Promenade des Anglais" in Cannes.

Our first and only pose in front of the famous red carpet in Cannes, site of the Cannes film festival.

A nice camping spot right on the beach

Waking up to this view..

We could have been in the French Caribbean: beach bars, miles of sand and only dunes behind. We slept

safe and peacefully.

Some of the most beautiful areas of the south of France. Here we have passed the big tourist areas and are in the "Var" region

where its quiet and local. There are 3 large inhabited islands  just off the coast, 2 have small communities and the 3rd is shared 2/3 by the military

and 1/3 is a nudist colony. They apparently are good neighbours.

This was our camping spot for the night, within sight of the villa owned by ex-french president Nicolas Sarkozy's wife

Carla Bruni. The villa was broken into a few weeks after we were camping there, but we were not involved :)

As we got closer to Saint- Tropez we decided to skip the whole town..it would be a detour, and for what? Expensive prices and naked people? Ha!

BUT, we found another 10 euros in the ditch by the road, hahaha, that is always fun!

Merci Julien!

Standing outside a car body shop we were approached by a dread locked guy who invited us to come and spend the night at his place and make some diner.

Tired and needing a night of rest we decided to go and find his place. We made a real pasta feast, put up the tent on his porch and this is a link to his band , playing a French brand of "Not" Reggae. Thank you again  Julien.   http://thatsnotreggae.blogspot.fr/p/album.html


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