Back to the coast! YES!

As said, no one who hasn't been there will understand the incredible feeling when you realize you've managed to cross one entire country by self power! Even thought crossing Italy from coast to coast was a relatively short distance it was our 13th+ country and it felt GREAT! Also since we were back to the water - we were able to swim again - yeeei!!

Xavier asked directions from a guy on the street in Savona who tipped us about a cycle route further up the coast so everything seemed bright. Now we feel chilled. We have crossed the mountains of Italy which was the biggest issue for the season; the temperature by the coast is still warm and inviting:

Having breakfast whilst cycling through a tiny village, I had to go to the bathroom and nicely asked in a hotel: Yes, the lady said, you can ask further down the street. Hm, what's that all about, people don't want to help others in need?

We didn't really try to hide this evening, we found another tent next to us who seemed to be  like a long term tenant. So why pretend?

BOOM! After some riding on the main road we by coincidence found the cycle route! By coincidence!! Hohohho, we were of course super happy to not have missed it, but if you are ever in the area remember this - it's not like it's in your face :P

Some posing is required, this bike is made of wood!

This too! Cool, eh?

Here's the bike map, the cycle route, totally excellent and beautiful. If it were like this everywhere people would not be thinking we're crazy anymore, they would join in! And become healthy and fit too!!

As we were sitting on the beach having a rest doing absolutely nothing, we met German roof builder Sven who is cycling from Spain, taking a sabbatical. We spent some hours chatting and left one another after exchanging contact info.

The 24 km on the cycle route were over too quickly and it was almost dark as the path suddenly ended. And we were in a place called Ospedaletti. We decided to camp on the beach, but we wanted to sleep in the next morning so we tried to find a hiding spot. And we did - behind what seemed to be a boat cemetery where no one could see us. First thing next morning a dog was just outside our tent door. And his owner. They were just going for a morning walk and since it's illegal to walk your dog on the beach we didn't feel bad about camping here. Hehe. Shortly after two other people showed up and walked past our tent door, they were going to have a swim. And since they came from a locked up fence saying no trespassing-danger we didn't feel bad about camping here. And so it continued. We decided to stay for the day, and relax on the beach. We are not in a hurry anymore.

So, I am sitting here, next to someone, and believe me they talked ALL the time, even exchanging food recipes!! It's very good for my Italian practice, but gosh, they are very much the prototype no?

A man walked around the beach trying to sell stuff to those who had the opportunity to spend this sunny warm day on the beach, and to avoid any conversation I aimed for the tent to hide. Of course he followed. Xavier was around but sneakily left me to my own devices as I didn't managed to get away from the salesman, I'm just too nice I guess. So, it all ended up with us talking for about half an hour, in Italian(!!) but he was from Pakistan so I think I understood him better then a normal fast speaking real Italian. And he gave me a bracelet. He felt I needed it more then he needed money, him being all fascinated about our trip and life choice. Hm.

Italian traffic can be challenging, especially here on the west north coast. And it goes slow..feels slower since many of the driver talk and whistle at you through the rolled down window..and you just want to get away..But can't complain about compliments..or?

At this point we lost one another, but luckily not too long. For some strange reason we are still carrying two Norwegian telephones so we can text each other in emergencies.



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