Have you heard about Asti?

We arrived Asti  Saturday midday.- had a stop outside a shop to have a snack before entering the town itself and to make a plan what to do. Had a chat with a man who told us there was a festival going on. Federico from Couchsurfing had invited us to stay for the weekend, and as we have been going non stop since Treviso we were very happy to have a break. In a house. With a shower.

One of the most famous events held in Asti is the famous Palio di Asti, in which all the old town wards, called "Rioni" and "Borghi" plus nearby towns compete in a bare-back horse race. This event recalls a victory in battle versus the rival city Alba, during the Middle Ages after the victorious battle a race was held around Alba's walls, from then on every year in Asti. Asti's Palio is the oldest recorded one in Italy, and in modern times is held in the triangular Piazza Alfieri preceded by a medieval pageant through the old town on the 3rd Sunday of September.(wiki)

All this cute little kids parading..

Something had gone wrong someplace in the planning so Federico didn't believe we were arriving today. He had said he was in a parade and could meet us afterwards, and when we texted where we were waiting nothing happened. And we waited some more. In the end we decided to ride to the address he had given us, which was a bit outside town, and on the way it started pouring! We didn't mind too much because we knew we would eventually stay inside for the night. The place we came to was apparently not his house, but a guesthouse, so we hung outside using their WIFI to try to get a hold of Federico; skype, mail, sms, telephone. Without luck. Some hours later he showed up in a car, explaining he 'd left his phone home, thinking we wouldn't come. But, bygones, now we were taken to a huge mansion on top of a small hill; his father and aunt lived there, himself living in Torino, but inviting couchsurfers whenever he would be in Asti. We were not really fireworks, too tired from the travels, but I guess we made some sense before falling asleep.

Federico showing us all of the 'has-been-a-huge-wine-production-cellar'

The next morning we woke up to a big change, Federico and his father were going to Milan for the day so we had to leave within the hour; wow, big surprise, but what can you do? You have to be flexible using these kinds of arrangements. But we managed to squeeze in a picture of the mansion:

Questa mia casa! noot...

After this unexpected turn we were quite confused. We drove back to Asti but didn't feel too much in the mood for the parades and action. We found a bench in the park, sat down, and fell asleep. Waking up, life seemed easier again but I had enough of this town. I managed to talk Xavier into leaving the same afternoon, and aiming for the coast: But first we had to do some more climbing. It went colder the higher we got, and we camped in the garden of an empty house.

The tiny village where we camped. Met a nice lady who filled our water bottles for the night, and my Italian was again tested  when she wanted to know our story:)

Look at all these grapes..we are in the Piedmont district!

Is it Mont Blanc? Or is the Dolomites?

The picture was taken because we have a friend with that name :)

The proud feeling you get when you understand you have crossed another country from one side to the other is unexplainable..!

FINALLY! We have reached the coast again!! And after a lot of climbing we are surprised/treated with a 15 km downhill! I kid you not!! So we had crossed from east to west and are rolling into the town of Savona. We celebrated by going to the beach and watching the sunset, and as a man came to tell us that no camping was legal on the beach we said: 'eh? we are not planning on staying here?! 'But truth is, we moved the bikes a bit further and hid on a secret empty beach, put up the tent and went super tired to sleep. And then we heard coming from next door: DUNK DUNK DUNK - a night club 5 meters away, behind the fence. Hahahaha.




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