The midlands of Italy

We started early morning from Federica's house in Treviso. Decided to skip the cycle route along the river Po (has to be another time!) and went directly for the faster way across the country. It's mid September and as I told you before it would be terrible to get stuck with cold winter weather, so we feel we have to rush a little, at least over to the west coast of Italy; we are still not sure how to get there. But we have decided to pass Vicenza and Verona before we make any further decisions.

We found the streets very nice and efficient, and the weather is still like a nice hot summer day in Norway

My wish to visit Juliet Capulet's house in Verona quickly was cancelled as we entered the suburbs, the city was much much bigger then I thought!  And as usual, when we enter cities that size we just want to get out - right away! The movie called 'Juliet's letter' gave the impression of being a sweet, nice and small town, but haha, not that we saw:)

We were surprised by how easy we were riding and how super fast we got to Verona, so I had done some research and wanted to take a route passing Lago di Garda; here's a funny sign we found at the small tourist town Peschiera del Garda:

So pretty, and I thought very peaceful. Water always make me peaceful, so we made  our lunch stop here, in the middle of all the tourists.

Xavier meditating on the water

Me flying over the lake

At this point we feel on top of the world, the kilometers are flying, sun, perfect roads. We have gotten a lot of couchsurfing invitations in Torino and the plan is to go there and stay for some days. Then Xavier sees a sign saying MILANO. And whatdoyouknow? He says 'we are soooo close it would be stupid not to go there', so after a lot back and forth I agree we'd go. It's only 50km 'detour'.

We make a camp outside Milano to be prepared to enter the city early morning. Then we will have a chance to get out before the evening.

We had to search for some time, but in the end we found a hidden spot just next to the road we would continue in the morning.

The next morning starts pretty cloudy. As we are rolling towards Milano (it takes forever to get through the suburbs!) the rain gets heavier and heavier, we get colder and wetter by the kilometer. Finally we reach the airport and some nice cycling paths, the planes swooshing right over our heads into  landing - scary but interesting to see from this angle. Under other less rainy circumstances I would have loved to stay for a while to experience more of this, but being in an almost lousy mood due to the weather we head for downtown.

It's strange how quickly we forget how miserable it is when it's raining, we are soaked and cold to the bone

This requires some 'force majeure': we head for a caf, something hot to drink and a bite, waiting for the weather to clear up. It's still only about 9am!

And our patience pays off: a few hours later the hammering rain stops and we can dare going outside again. It's been air-conditioned inside so we are still cold, but at least we were able to take off (most) of the wet gear.

So, ready for one of most known and famous fashion cities of the world:

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world's oldest shopping malls. Housed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan, the Galleria is named after Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy.It was designed in 1861 and built byGiuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.(Wiki):

We are still rolling our bikes around, and I have borrowed Xavier's 'duck suit' because I'm still cold after the morning. Fashionable, eh?

Xavier posing to be VERY fashionable, with lots of (empty) fashion shopping bags. Are you convinced?

So comes the BIGGEST and BEST surprise in a long time: As we are making or way out of Milano in the afternoon we bump into a BIKE PATH!! A totally super, amazing, well-built BIKE PATH! Which is going our direction! Weee!!

Back in the normal cycling gear, the sun is back and we follow the bike path - we make a lunch stop and take time to dry our gear

It's easy to follow the path and it all goes very well for about 30km, and just outside Abbiatogresso we (of course) make a wrong turn. I was gloating of my excellent understanding of Italian and my non stressed verbal communication with a race cyclist when I asked for directions towards Casale Monferrato that I forgot to be attentive to the correct turn-off, and we kept riding and riding on this wonderful bike path. Xavier is far in front of me at this point, I'm still cycling with a big happy smile because of this un-expected turn in our route that I didn't 'wake up' before I noticed the sunset the wrong place...What? The sun is not supposed to be there? Heeeh?? This is not WEST? Trying to catch up with Xavier, to let him know this boring piece of information. Well, nothing else to do then get off the bike path, go partly back, ask some people and go.all.the.way.back.to.(almost)Abbiatogresso.

We found a shop where we first went shopping for comfort food, then none- caringly popping the tent up in the carpark. The staff saw us as they left the building, but they didn't care either.

Next morning we woke up 5.40 as the garbage truck came. They gave us fruit.

Ever since we left Athens we have been looking for the bike path EuroVelo 8, which is excisting online but apperently not for real. We rode into Casale Monferrato, starting to get a bit weary after the fast riding from Treviso, and decided to park the bikes and spend the afternoon. I walked into the Tourist Information to check out some maps and were greeted by the most wonderfully confused oldish ladies working there, I think they must have been volunteering - like a work placement for elderly/retired. Anyway, they started, literally, running around to find bike maps for me (none of them actually were for bikes) and map over the region I asked for (none of them actually were from the region I asked for) until I tried to point out to them that what I was looking for was something like the map hanging next to the entrance door. They were both like ??? !!! and tore it down, and handed it to me. IT WAS A REAL CYCLING MAP, AND IT WAS CALLED EUROVELO 8!!! The first live proof this route excist, and it's in my hands - by coincidence!!! Hahahahahhahah!!!

The famous map, or at leas at part of it. Only this region of the EV8, but better then nothing :)

After all this talking about this fantastic map, we realize it's so touristy that it takes you around all sorts of places to show you everything; this also includes ups and downs and ups and downs; well, interesting enough if you're travelling light and WANT to see all thise attractions, but we are not quite there. Yet.


And down.

After all this up and down action and sightseeing, we are meeting the deadline with the night so we roll into a tiny village and look for a place to check internet and find a shop. We end up at the local hangout, a community center filled with people of all age - it's aperitivo time (isn't it always in this country?!)

As we look for a place to discretely put up our tent a man approached us - I was worried he came to throw us away from the public area, but he invited us to stay there instead:) He even made a call to the mayor to say that he had allowed us to camp there. I always sleep much better knowing it's approved by the locals.

The local hang-out, internet caf, pool -table, community center; all-in-one


The next morning we have changed plans again, the EV8 is no fun, we aim for Asti - a guy has invited us to come and visit him(through couchsurfing)

Xavier incredibly impressed by the size of the apples at the marked in Asti



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