Yoga Day in Treviso!

We are aiming for Venice, and I have been checking the internet  for the EuroVelo 8 route. By experience  we know there is actually no bike path but just a suggested less trafficy road  which takes us around and about all kind of detours so quickly we decide to follow the direct main road which is not so bad after all. Getting closer to Venice we check the map to see where Federica is living. You remember Federica? She picked us up in her car outside Rijeka when we were hitchhiking back to Split to pick up the bikes. She invited us to come and stay with her in Treviso which is not so far from Venice. It would be nice to see her again and have a few days of rest.

The totally absurd thing happens: I have been texting Federica to say we are coming the day after, and asking for her address. The roads are so easy ridable that before we know it we are in the outskirts of Treviso so we stop at a McDonalds to go online to get the GPS and check her whatsapp answer. The Italian McDonalds do have free wifi, but you need an Italian phone number to register. Good to know, we can't use it in this country. So we ride to a shopping mall a few minutes away to check the wifi there, they usually have free access at these malls. Xavier goes to the toilet and I sit at a bench, log on and start writing Federica; I feel the presence of someone standing next to me looking at me and I feel annoyed as I think someone is asking me to leave or whatever..I look up and Federica is in front of me! Whaaat?! What are the chances of us meeting like this? She said she'd never come to this place before, but her mother is visiting and needed something from a shop there..haha, small world?!

Absurd thing #2: Her mother is visiting from Germany..after talking some time it turns out she actually lives almost next door to my sister, and she works at an Italian Ice Cream parlour we have been visiting many times!!

Federica posing outside her house

Our plan to stay a few nights crashes, it is so nice to be here, so relaxed and Federicas roomie has all sorts of interesting instruments! Here I am trying my talent on this fascinating string instrument -

We spend the first 3 nights in our tent in her garden since her mother has the guestroom. The first day we spend resting, the second day we catch the train to Venice (there will be a post about this later). I try to google the next few steps on our trip to see how we are doing with time. It's almost mid-september and the last thing we want to is to get stuck in the cold mountains somewhere, or get into a flood or something..BUT, big surprise, Italy is different then we thought, and we have a much shorter and easier trip in front of us so we decide to stay a few days more :D

Jean Luca is a Napoli fan - so he is posing with his flag; FORZA NAPOLI: we had a fun Friday evening home made pizza night to make sure we really felt like we were in Italy (have I told you how much I love this country??)

By the time we are ready to get back on the road again we get to know there is a YOGA DAY in Treviso..and it would be okay to visit to see what they are up to in Italy with their yoga so we decide to stay, one more day:

A lwhole are in town ONLY for yoga and the yogis.Very inspiring. Free, just as it should be.


After 5 nights at Federica we are ready to continue..AVANTI!


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