Finally here!

Not since the day before going to Athens I've had a feeling like this; butterflies in my stomach, a feeling of going back in time to take part in something extra ordinary. A touch of the past, the glory, the romance.

The evening before going to Venice I felt I had a big smile on my face, and, to be honest, i found it a bit difficult to fall asleep.

O sole mio - I'm not kidding, they do!

I did not get disappointed, already on the train ride in to the penninsula the magic of beauty struck me, this IS extra ordinary, something out of a fairytale book; all the water, the scenery, the house fasades. So SPECIAL in all kind of ways! 117 small islands!

Romantic? No, just posing.

Even in September there are crowds in Venice. Tourists, tourists, tourists. If you want to move FAST you will go MAD.

Someones moving out of a building. This is the moving boat - not so easy without streets always, but it looks soo fun!

Everything is expencive here, of course, but we managed to find a cheaper grocery shop and brought a picnic to one of the side channels. and whattayaknow? That was one of the main roads all gondolas came through - we got the EXTREME close up look and entertainment, without paying the 100euros :D

Burger King in Venice. I had to use the bathroom, and usually its free. Here you have to buy something to get a code for the door. Hm.

Xavier feeding a seagull. The seagull tasting Xaviers finger. 

As you come out of the train station, this is the first view. Gosj, it is really amazing!

We spent the whole day in Venice, but left before dark. I wasn't quite sure if I was 'finished' with Venice, there was still a feeling in my stomach that I want to see MORE of this beautiful special town, so when we surprisingly get a SECOND chance to visit with Federica a few days later, and stay to see the sunset, I was happy. We got to see the locals places, since we went with Federica who's been living there and two friends of her:)

Check out the menu!!

Cruise ships all around. Had to make a photo of this one since it said Norwegian. Of course.



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