Passing Slovenia into Italy

We left Pula well rested and continued up the coast towards Slovenia. We are getting quite excited to cross into a new country,not because we don't like Croatia, but because we are running out of croatian konu and look forwards to get to Euroland ;) (I thought I'd never say that)And we have been 1 month in Croatia now, time to hear a new language;)

A photo taken outside Novigrad, we took the obvious camp again, in the middle of the city park, worked super!

Slovenia next: As soon as we crossed the border we were on a perfect bike path! It was so enjoyable to be thought of and we stayed on a great and well built path all the way towards Italy.It's unfortunately not far, less then 30km, but we stop in Koper to have a swim at least.

Informative map of the bike paths in the area, 100 points to Slovenia ;)

Several tunnels, used to be for the train built in the beginning of the 1900s.

Still great weather, and we find figs and grapes on the way-

..and get invited for a cooldown at this couples house, from Ljubjana, their weekend house.

We are still on the bike path, and decide to spend the night there. Too tired to continue after our stop with the couple.

The surprise was big as we woke up in the middle of the night by rain - but a clever idea came to me; we had been picking up a new beach tent  from someone who apperently left it since they finished their holiday, and I thought it would be perfect for covering our not waterproof tent - AND IT WORKED!!

The next morning as 6.00 we looked right into the big head of a big happy dog, with an older man greeting' Buon giorno!' Great, we are just about 1km from the border, and the man invites us home to have a shower. My Italian gets to be practised, at last.After kindly turning down the offer of a morning coffee we roll into Italy and Trieste.

What't the first smell of Italy? Yes, coffee :D

Hey! Check out that building!

Gelato, gelato, gelato. Can we eat know, not only talk about it??

We spent the day in Trieste, not so voluntarely for my sake, but Xavier found a bike shop and wanted to check a zillion things.And he has been talking about the special shoes and pedals for about two years now, so. I. Patiently. Wait.

He didn't find shoes, but bought a new chain which still doesn't help much because he needs to change the whole plate(chain plate?) But as we left, we got hungry and stopped at a small tourist beach next to a huge castle called the Miramar. And of course the sunset got us too fast so we had to roll the bikes further to find a place to sleep before it got too dark. We didn't manage, and we were suddenly stuck on the mainstreet without seeing anything, no lights on neither the bikes or street lamps. And no possible bush to put the tent up in, or anything! Panic!

We were high on a cliff, so there were some steep streets down to residential private properties, but we had no choice. We found a car port, with two warning signs of private parking. Xavier was ok with it, but I had a feeling I should at least try to talk to someone about us beeing there, and in the end I found a woman calling her cat - she said the people were not home, so we could try. Excellent. It's almost like getting approval. So at 1AM when I woke up with carlights in my face, and a security guard shining his flashlight at me, I could at least say: 'Parlato con la signora in casa, dice ok' Well at least he understood me and left us alone. Just imagine having to pack up and leave at night, terrible!

The camp. Legally illegal.

The next morning at 6.15 she, Miria,  came  to invite us for a shower, and breakfast. We got the real Italian breakfast with dolce and coffee...we agreed on decaf but Pierluigi filled some real one in it as well, to make sure we managed the steep steep hill up to the main road again.

And they shipped us off with a bottle of their home made wine.

We continue west, towards Venice. Xavier finally found a bike shop with the special shoes on sale, and ended up with clip sandals for 40euros. Just as the salesman had mantled the clips underneath, the soles start to mold. What to do? He gave him another new pair as well!

PS. Twice he's been ending up underneath the bike, in the road, because of this fancy special equipment, what can I say? Shouldn't they come with a special warning or something; do not try this with heavy load, or something?!

A life in nature. Always recommended. We had a very early night and slept like babies.


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