Undercover bikers in Pula..

Getting closer to Rijeka in the northern part of Croatia, an important decision is to be made: should we shortcut and go straight to Trieste in Italy? Buuut, there will be mountains to climb again..Or go around the little penninsula along the coast..? 77km versus 220km..hmmmm, tough one.

People we talk to suggest the direct route, but they have no idea do they? How it is to cycle with about 50kilos of luggage on the bike? Uphill? The next few days we leave it open, but do loads of carb-loading, you know, just in case :)

Not a place we slept, but the name fits our blog

After having spent the night outside Rijeka, we continue riding the coast towards the final turn we have to make a decision..we squeeze in another food shopping splash out stop to prepare for the climb, jump in the sea as often as possible before leaving the coast for a few days...aaand....what happens?

In the turn- off, Xavier turns to me and says; 'what are we doing?? Why do something we don't want to do, just to get somewhere faster? What's that about? We can go slow and easy, and be on the coast - everyday!' My thought exactly:

WHAT a good decision, the roads are easy, the scenery beautiful. A lot of tourism, it reminds sort of like the Riviera and Deauville at the same time, with the buildings and all.But we don't mind, and all is wonderful!

This is the view from the tower of an abandon villa Xavier wants to come back to some day.

We googled it online and there is apperently a courtcase around the existence of the building..soo sad.

As we rolled into Pula, the big city around here, we rested some hours in the park. I met a very nice and interested Swedish couple who were forced to spend their holiday here waiting for their car to be repaired after someone crashed into them and drove off. Now they were staying in their camping car outside Lidl shop, excepting the new terms of having a beach/camping holiday. Hi to you guys, hope things worked out for you <3 - and yes, please make contact, who knows, maybe we will run that yoga retreat soon!

Anyway, we learned that there was a big Croatia Biker week coming up, with free camping, hehe, so we decided to get into the mode of beeing Bikers, not cyclists :P

Trying out my bikerbabe pose -

And it worked- we were excepted:

We stayed in Pula, at the bikers festival, for 4 nights, and spent the time resting and one short day of sightseeing.

Whilst at a post office, I notice they sell a lot of these products, actually all over Croatia you can find these kind of grave lights and candles, but I started to wonder, at the post office??

And as we were looking through a local book shop, I found one book in NORWEGIAN? I was so surprised I had to buy it, luckily it was the cheapest one there, probably because noone could read it, haha. I read it over the next two days, and I cried like, all the time. I just get too involved when I'm reading.

Nice camping spot the last two nights in Pula, the first two nights we for some reason spent next to the toilets. Hm.

Look! Cranes with LEDlights!!

The biker festival got a bit too intense for me, so I found some peace otherwise.

Yoga can be done anywhere -

Also a way to do backbends and inversions ;)

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