The Second Part:

Waking up on the parking lot outside Ana Ban's mothers flat in Split. We were lucky to finally get our bikes out even thought the mother had left for her holidays, the brother made it to town to open the garage door so we could get our stuff. Thanks again Ana, you are a lifesaver! Since it was already dark when we got the bikes we had to camp outside the flats, us in one tent and Federica in hers :) We figured there was no way we could hide so we decided to be as obvious as possible- we just put up the tents in one of the parking spaces next to Federicas Italian registered car. And yes, people noticed. All night we heared people laughing outside, making photos...of us, or the tents that is.So Ana, if you hear anything, yes it's us they're talking about, and yes, its YOUR friends <3

Not obvious at all or what?

Being back on the road again feels good, we got up early to pack all things back to where they belong, and said bye to Federica with the aim of seeing her again in Treviso in September. She would be continuing to Sarajevo but back to Italy before we would make it there. We still go slowly, we have calculated another 6-8 weeks on the road, riding almost every day. We follow the coast, the roads are good, and not too busy. The third day we bump into two Brazilian girls who just started cycling from Zadar. They were doing street art and had figured it was a good idea to travel the coast of Croatia where all the tourists are. They seemed a bit new to the whole camping thing so we offered them to hang around us for the night.They gladly accepted after their night show in a traffic circle. We set up the camp behind some wooden pallets behind a shopping mall, the evening beeing warm and nice. Shortly into the night I woke up with a feeling of stress! Yes, I had heard some rain drops on the tent roof..For those who follow our blog, you know our tent is not water proof, so it is EXTREMELY bad if it starts raining. We hoped it wouldn't be much, but, nope, it started raining as if we were in Bergen - not much sleep that night, we crawled into the middle of the tent like on a deserted dry island with sharks attacking us from all sides, but still, the stuff got wet. And you don't sleep well when you're stressed and trying to keep your things and valuables dry in the middle of the tent, underneath you.

Being on the road again, after a cycle break of 5 weeks.

The next morning we said bye to the girls and went to dry out outside a shop, with a little comforting hot vanilla drink.

We are travelling from Split to Zadar, and then continuing towards Rijeka in the north of Croatia. That means we have the sea next to us all the time, well, almost all the time. Our planned estimated kilometer a day crashes, it's too much wind, of course head wind. A lot of the time we have to get off the bikes to push them, not only uphills, but other times too. It's too dangerous to trust your strenght when the wind suddenly comes from the sides and forces you into the street where the cars are driving fast fast. But we have time:

Xavier finds a bit of heaven in the side- of -the -street figs

The whole area is full of these signs

The third night we find the same forrest camp we found with Federica some nights before

With this beautiful view for our evening meal-

One of the good things with travelling slow is that you notice more. A lot more. And it's easier to stop when you see something interesting. This particular morning Xavier stopped and said, hey, there's 10 Euros! And as he said it I saw another one! AND ANOTHER ONE!! And would you believe it? This went on for some time, so we ended up with 9 -nine! 10 euro bills, not bad before 9 o'clock in the morning?! We still wonder about what actually happened, they were with about 5-10 meter distance between them..?!

This means our budget gets a bit higher and we treat ourselves pizza dinners at restaurants along the coast when it's too dry to cook ourselves..there are signs everywhere asking people to remember the dry climate and take care of the forest.

We are traveling north, and Xavier feels more and more like we are in Italy:

Even thought we are not in Italy, the nature, the food and the drinks seem to be inspired at least. And by the way, its amazing what you can buy in the shops, good natural foods, drinks and good value!

A morning photo as I am cleaning up for the day, we camped by the beach hiding on a working site. We always get up early early so there's never an issue.


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