Bergen to Split

It's close to a month since we left the sun in Croatia to head up to Bergen for the teacher trainig course and to celebrate family stuff. And we are sure missing the sun, the sea and the good feelings of (almost) carefree travel. We were unsure how we would get back to Split but generally agreed to hitchhike but we would catch public transport if it was too difficult.... Well we did not bother defining what TOO difficult was so after good start getting a lift straight away with Kingsley, a Ghanaian living in Norway for over 20 years, who had not lost his sense of "African brotherliness", so he saw us and picked us up immediately. After a lot of funny talks about the similarities and differences between Africa and Scandinavia, he dropped us off in Germany near Hamburg.

Very soon after we got a lift with a super friendly Tunisian-German couple (possibly suggesting that when there is an african spirit there is a good sense of togetherness!) who took us to exactly the same gas station outside Gttingen as we had waited for Kay to pick us up when we arrived from Berlin just a month earlier. Some co-incidence. From there we got a lift with Thomas Rohr, an automation technician, who thought nothing of driving 1100KM to work that day! He was very nice and friendly and once we knew all about his family, 2 children, work that took him all over the world from India to the mega chocolate factories run by Lidl in Germany that send out over 70 container trucks of chocolate every day!! We told him all about our travels and he dropped us off near Karlsruhe by about 20.30 that evening. Not bad we had made it from North Denmark to South Germany in one day.

But now the test of our meditative (or maybe just our sheer resilience ) was about to begin. 3 days to cover about 240km, moving an average of 80km a day! We kept ourselves busy by returning empty drink bottles for cash at the fuel stations and

making a "Fun food fund" we called the "Pfand kasse" (Pfand is the word for bottle deposit in German). Well the Pfand kasse made us about 25euro (not much) but a mountain in terms of the Zen like patience we needed to sit all the hours of the day except when we were not tenting in the rest areas.

A group people going on a hike in the swiss alps who picke us up and made a lot of conversation in 80Km!

A very kind Austrian buisnessman who took us to the border of Salzburg.

Our camp site and hiking spot for about 20hours, just 2km from the German-Austrian border.

Renounced after many hours of rain, we set up chairs IN the service station area and relaxed with a free blanket we got from an ambulance crew.

We had a dangerously funny ride into Austria with a very kind, heavily tattooed lady, with her 2 young daughters who drove in the rain at 120Km/h while reading and I-pad for directions and her 12 years old daughter did the gear changes ! Well we learnt a lot about trust on this lift. Next was Sigmund pulling over by the side of the road high up in the Austrian mountains. He was an ambulance driver heading all the way to Croatia, by himself in a large 1991Volvo station wagon. "Its your lucky day!" he said as we jumped in and drove off into Slovenia to the sound of "Die Fantastischen Vier " (a Hip-Hop band from Stuttgart, that was popular in the 80's and had a sound surprisingly like the Beastie Boys). He was totally Chilled and dropped us off near Rijeka. Well now we were pretty road weary and were beginning to argue if it was a mistake not to catch a train the rest of the way (we were now in a remote service station on the motorway and so had no way out but hitching further).

We managed to contain most of our mutual blame and " Low and Behold!" out of a VW Golf came an Italian Lady saying " I can take you to Split, I'm going there..... But can YOU drive my car?". She had had a premonition that a friendly couple would help her to get to Split as she was nervously exhausted from driving all day out of Italy in the midst of Italian fast drivers pumped full of espresso! It must have been our lucky day for sure. We just hit it off, camped 2 nights together, one on the coast 3m from the sea and then the second in the middle of a carpark in front of the door of the appartment block where we had left our bikes. Thanks Federica, and see you again soon!

Some grooming, on the stairs outside the flat where the bikes were locked. This is a residential are in the middle of Split, where we camped with Federica (sitting on stairs).

Happy with Federica and take out pizza in Split old town. What a trip!


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